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Hyderabad Lockdown: Bus and Metro train rotation timings

RTC buses till 10 am: Metro services.. 7.00 to 9: 45 am: Public transport will be frozen with lockdown

In the wake of the lockdown, buses will run from 6 am to 10 am from today, the RTC said. City buses and district services will also run during this time and changes will be made to bus times within the respective depots. Revealed that buses run to other states. The RTC has decided to run buses to destinations within 4 hours of the relaxation.

Metro services like..

Metro trains will run from 7 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. The first train will leave L.B.Nagar at 7 am. The last train will leave LB Nagar at 8:45 am and reach Miyapur at 9:45 am, L&T Metro Managing Director KVB Reddy said. He said passengers should dutifully wear masks, maintain physical distance and make arrangements for safe metro travel.

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Show a ticket to the airport

Publicity will be frozen again in the wake of the lockdown. With the government giving permission for public transport for only 4 hours, Private buses, cabs and other transport vehicles will not be beaked. About 1.40 lakh auto rickshaws and 50,000 cabs will be frozen in Hyderabad. Auto rickshaws and cabs will also play every day from 6am to 10am as part of the lockdown guidelines.

More than 2 lakh workers dependent on the sector are likely to lose their jobs with the lockdown. While there are 2,750 RTC buses in the city, the lockdown is unlikely to turn more than 1,000 buses. With this, it seems that RTC will lose Rs 2 crore in Greater. Meanwhile, those travelling on planes and trains can reach the airport and railway stations by showing their tickets, officials said.

Buses during relaxation timings

We will run buses on major routes during lockdown relaxation. Passengers are required to avail RTC services in compliance with Covid rules. We are sanitizing the buses to prevent the virus from infecting the passengers. We check the staff from time to time and send them to work. Passengers need not worry.



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