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Hyderabad: No shortage of Remediesivir injections in the state: Minister KTR

The Corona Task Force Committee chaired by Minister KTR met in Hyderabad on Wednesday. The meeting was attended by CS and senior officials of various departments. KTR said that the highlights of the meeting were the storage and distribution of drugs. In addition to this, we are auditing the daily use of oxygen to prevent oxygen shortage. He said there were adequate remediesivir injections for the people of the state.

Speaking to KTR Media, he said there was no shortage of stock of home isolation drugs already being provided by the government. So far, a large-scale home survey has been conducted and medical kits are being given to those in need. The survey has already been completed in 60 lakh households in the state. So far 2.1 lakh kits have been handed over. The next two weeks are crucial for corona building and people must take preventative measures.

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We have received information that many private hospitals are using Remediesivir unnecessarily as the market for Remediesivir is huge. He said that these will be stopped soon. KTR said it had explained to the center the steps being taken on the corona barrier.

Minister KTR said the government has massively increased the number of beds in the state in the wake of the corona second wave. There are also stocks of drugs like Remediesivir, he said. It has been revealed that there are about 1.5 lakh injections in the state at present. He said the government was also vigilant on the issue of black fungus.


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