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Hyderabad: Vaccine shortage in Telangana, second dose continue till May 31

They are the priority in vaccination: Decision in the face of shortage of vaccines: 15 lakh people should be given a second dose by the end of the month: We have to wait for a while for the first dose: Oxygen and ICU beds are empty, says Health Director Srinivasa Rao

G.Srinivasa Rao, Director, State Public Health Department, said that as part of the Covid-19 vaccination in the state, priority is being given to the distribution of the second dose till 31st of this month.

It was clarified that the decision to this extent was taken in the wake of vaccine shortage and those who want to get the first dose vaccine will have to wait for some time. The first dose will be distributed as soon as the vaccine quota is satisfied.

As many as 15 lakh people in the state have to be vaccinated with the second dose till May 31. At present, they have only one lakh doses of vaccine available.

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He spoke to the media along with Director of Medical Education Ramesh Reddy at his office in Koti on Thursday. Srinivasa Rao said the government had imposed the lockdown under dutiful conditions to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the state and the results would come only if the people cooperated.

He said the corona spread could not be controlled if the groups did not follow the rules. Corona tests, despite the lockdown, are an exception for those who come out for vaccines. Appropriate certificates and credentials can be obtained from the police.

The covishield vaccine should be taken between six and 8 weeks and the covagin vaccine between 4 and 6 weeks under the second dose. He said there was no shortage of beds in hospitals in the state. Currently 5,783 oxygen beds and 17,267 ICU beds are vacant.

He said there was no shortage of medicines in government hospitals and private hospitals should use oxygen regularly. He said the state-level task force committee on oxygen and remedies was monitoring the situation from time to time and oxygen monitoring teams had already been set up.

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