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Covid-19 prevention and medical services successfully implements in Singareni on the initiative of CMD

Covid-19 prevention steps and medical services in Singareni cost Rs. 71 Cr.

With the special focus and direction of C & MD Sri. N. Sridhar, the Directors and Area General Managers are supervising and reviewing the Covid situation on a daily basis, sanctioning funds and ensuring that every aspect is taken care of and proper treatment is rendered. Further, the Area level officials are also taking care of the arrangements i.e. measures for prevention and cure are going on smoothly at Singareni.

Singareni has been spending crores of rupees for prevention and medical services to the employees and their family members since the beginning of Covid-19.

Singareni has taken up many measures by giving more importance to the lives of the employees and their family members giving them more confidence by conducting more than 1,27,000 rapid antigen & RTPCR tests, vaccination for 27 thousand persons (employees / Rtd employees and their family members), special wards with over 1,400 beds, emergency medical services at Hyderabad in a number of empanelled Hospitals, procurement of emergency medicines, purchase of oxygen cylinders, the establishment of Oxygen plants at 5 places etc.

1,25,200 Rapid Test Kits purchased and tests undertaken at a cost of Rs. 3.16 Crores: With a plan to prevent corona, Singareni has conducted a maximum number of tests, isolated the people who had been affected with corona and provided medical treatment thus preventing this disease to spread to others. Till now 1,25,200 rapid antigen test kits have been purchased at a cost of Rs. 3.16 crores and with this, till now 99,406 people have been tested.

Present Covid cases are 2,268: A total of 12,308 people have been tested positive for corona in Singareni till now.  Singareni provided them treatment at special corona wards, isolation centres and Home isolations. With this 9,938 people recovered completely.  Presently 2,267 persons are under treatment.  The total workers of Singareni are 44,000 and out of this only 783 Employees are Carona positive and are being treated.  In the balance of active cases, 1,211 are workers families and 364 are contract workers.

Corporate Medical Treatment with Rs. 38 crores:  Till date, the management has spent about Rs 38 crore on providing specialized medical services to 867 emergency cases shifted to corporate hospitals in Hyderabad. Of the active cases in Singareni, 42 are being treated at corporate hospitals in Hyderabad for serious cases.

Separate Covid wards at a cost of Rs. 43 lakhs: Adding to the 692 beds at Singareni, another 736 beds have been added and the management is providing medical services at special wards and quarantine centres. The Company has spent approximately Rs. 43 lakhs to set up these special wards.

Quarantine kits worth Rs. 80 lakhs: Singareni provided quarantine kits containing 18 varieties of things like medicines, pulse oxymeters etc. for the people undergoing treatment at quarantine centres.  These kits were purchased by spending Rs. 80 lakhs and are being given to patients at quarantine centres and home isolations.

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Rs 5.55 crores for medicines and injections: Injections like Remdesivir,  Favipiravir Tablets and other medicines which are required for the hospitals across Singareni were purchased at a cost of Rs 5.55 crores.

Oxygen cylinders arranged at a cost of Rs. 1.28 crores: Apart from the oxygen cylinders already available another 370 oxygen cylinders were purchased at a cost of Rs. 1.28 crores and were sent to the hospitals. Thus the management ensured that there is no shortage of Oxygen to Carona patients at the hospitals.

Set up of oxygen plants at a cost of Rs. 3.60 crores: As an advanced safety measure oxygen plants are being under setting up at 5 places at a cost of Rs. 3.60 crores. 4 numbers of 12 M3/hr and one number of 45 M3/hr are being set up at SCCL Main and Area Hospitals.

Additional medical staff at a cost of Rs. 2 crores:  Spending almost 2 crores additional 35 doctors, 126 nurses and 260 support staff have been appointed for Covid wards on a contract basis to provide medical treatment.   For the Company doctors and others who are providing Covid services are being paid special incentive too as announced by the State Government.

Healthy food worth Rs. 1.5 crores for patients: Singareni Company is providing healthy and nutritious food for Covid patients.  For this 1.50 crores have been spent till now. Along with this, sanitation liquid, masks, hand sanitisers, PPE kits for doctors are being purchased and provided.

Ventilators and other necessary medical equipment worth Rs. 3.15 crores: The SCCL management has decided to purchase three hundred varieties of emergency equipment and ventilators for the hospitals immediately which are under process of procurement.

Vaccination: With the help of the State Government, across Singareni 27,469 persons (including Ex-Employees, family members and contractual workmen) have been vaccinated. Singareni is now purchasing another 50,000 vaccines directly from the manufacturers through State Government.  Singareni is moving forward with a goal of vaccinating all by the end of July.

Company had paid ex gratia of Rs. 15 lakhs each to people who have passed away due to Covid-19.

Till now Singareni has spent about Rs. 71 crores so far in the prevention of Covid, setting up an example for other Public sector Organizations.

The management is providing medical services not only to the SCCL workers but also to their families and contract workmen. With the Chairman and MD’s call to provide medical services with no matter the cost, the medical services are being provided efficiently in Singareni.


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