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Nagaland: From today (May 14) govt will impose a total lockdown of 7 days

Nagaland will come under one week total lockdown from 6 PM today till 21st of May to contain the spread of coronavirus. During the total lockdown period, all activities and movements of persons will remain suspended except permitted activities such as essential services including agricultural activities.

All healthcare facilities, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, movement of healthcare workers including COVID-19 vaccination, COVID testing and medical emergencies are allowed.

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Besides, vegetable shops, fish, meat vendors, milk booths, bakeries, local grocery stores including those selling animal feed will be open for public purchase from 6: 00 AM to 12:00 PM under the supervision of respective District Task forces.

Activities exempted from the lockdown also include movement of goods vehicles carrying essential commodities, food items, and medical supplies including oxygen cylinders and other medical equipment. In addition, movement of interstate transit passengers will be allowed as per the revised SOP for returnees and travelers entering Nagaland.

Further, all places of mass gathering will be closed. All social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious functions and other large congregations are barred except for solemnization of weddings with prior permission from District Task Force limited to maximum of 20 persons. Funeral services will also be limited to not more than 20 persons.

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