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Hyderabad: Increased Covid recovery rate in Singareni

Physicians should be available in all shifts: Medical services for contract workers: More awareness on Covid: Director N Balaram, Director D Satyanarayana Rao revealed at the review meeting

Director N. Balaram urged everyone to work collectively to protect all Singarenis from the Covid epidemic that is plaguing the world. He said that the struggle against Covid under the guidance of CMD N. Sridhar over the past year had good results and the second phase was to work with the same spirit in the wake of the Covid boom.

Covid explained that the recovery rate in Singareni has increased significantly and currently the active cases are less than 2 per cent. He said those who were infected would have a better chance of recovering if they were mentally fit. He was speaking at a review meeting with GMs of all areas from Singareni Bhavan, Hyderabad on Saturday evening via video conference on Covid measures.

Director N. Balaram lauded the tough times and the invaluable services provided by the doctors at such a crucial time. Singareni wants to see doctors in hospitals and quarantine centers available in three shifts. Every single patient is told to be kept under constant medical supervision. Covid said 40 doctors, 126 nurses and 250 paramedical staff have already been hired on a temporary basis specifically for medical services. It was revealed that the CMD has issued permission for the appointment of specialist doctors.

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Awareness is essential …: Director D. Satyanarayana Rao

Director D. Satyanarayana Rao said at the review meeting that there was a need to dispel the myths of Covid-infected employees and officials. Despite the symptoms of the disease in most cases, some have expressed concern that staying at home in fear could bring on timely treatment survivors. He said there was a need to create more awareness on Covid in this context.

Speaking at the review meeting, GM Suryanarayana Rao said that the Covid Task Force should be brought to the notice of any assistance required for Covid. Awareness has been expressed that some deaths are due to lack of self-confidence. CMO Mantha Srinivas said that the fight against Covid is getting good support from the management, GMs and officers of all areas for the fight being waged by the doctors and paramedics. He hoped that the Covid-free Singareni would be achieved soon if the same cooperation was continued.

Covid members of the Task Force meeting, GM K. Nagabhusan Reddy, GM Welfare, K. Basavayya, GM Devi Kumar, GM E. Anandarao, GM Ramesh Babu, Hyderabad Covid Nodal Officer Dr Balakotayya, GM of the area, medical officials attended the meeting.

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