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Cabinet Secretary Review on Cyclone Tauktae

Cabinet Secretary in touch with Chief Secretaries of all Coastal States, Central Ministries & Agencies to assess preparedness for Cyclone Tauktae

Cabinet Secretary is in continuous touch with Chief Secretaries of all the Coastal States and Central Ministries & Agencies to assess preparedness with regard to Cyclone Tauktae.

Union Home Ministry is reviewing the situation 24X7 and is in touch with the State Governments and UTs and the Central Agencies concerned. It has already released first instalment of SDRF in advance to all the coastal States.

NDRF has pre-positioned 42 teams equipped with boats, tree-cutters, telecom equipments in six States and has kept 26 teams on standby.

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Indian Coast Guard and the Navy have deployed ships and helicopters for relief, search and rescue operations.
Air Force and Engineer task force units of Army, with boats and rescue equipment, are on standby for deployment Seven ships with Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Units are on standby along western coast. Surveillance aircraft and helicopters are carrying out serial surveillance along the western coast.

Disaster Relief teams and Medical Teams are standby at Trivandrum, Kannur and other locations along western coast. Central Power Ministry has activated emergency response systems and is keeping in readiness transformers, DG sets and equipments for immediate restoration of electricity.

Telecom Ministry is keeping all the telecom towers and exchanges under constant watch and is fully geared to restore telecom network.

Union Health Ministry has issued advisory to the Sates & UTs, likely to be affected, for health sector preparedness and response on COVID in affected areas. They have also kept ready 10 Quick response medical teams and 5 Public health response teams, with emergency medicines. Shipping & Ports Ministry has taken measures to secure all shipping vessels and has deployed emergency vessels.

NDRF is assisting the State agencies in their preparedness for evacuating people from the vulnerable locations and is also continuously holding community awareness campaign on how to deal with the cyclonic situation.



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