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Maharashtra student wins 1st prize from WCB Research Foundation for writing story on sloth bear

Sakshi Kailash Wagh a student of zoology and microbiology from Buldhana district of Maharashtra has won the first prize from the WCB Research Foundation for story-writing on Sloth Bear.

Ms. Wagh who participated in the stay home challenge introduced by two of her professors under took the research work on Sloth Bear, a rare species of Indian Bears. She said that her target audience were the locals and villagers who come in contact with the Sloth Bear habitat.

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She said, during the competition she received immense support and guidance from her professors.

Ms. Wagh said, her story was awarded best story as it covered basic facts, behaviour of Sloth Bear, co-existence with Sloth Bear and the role of forest department. As many as 32 scripts from different parts of the world including in English, Hindi and Gujarat were also received by the organizers.

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