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The Supreme Court has held a hearing on the beating of MP Raghuram Raju in CID custody

The Supreme Court on Monday heard a petition filed by YSRCP Rebal MP Raghuram Krishnaraju, who allegedly beat himself up in APCID custody.

CID lawyer Dushyanth Dave told the Supreme Court that the allegations that Raghuram Krishnaraju was beaten in custody were untrue. He said he was ready for medical examination in the presence of a senior judicial officer.

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Are there Army hospitals nearby? When questioned by the Supreme Court, 300 km. Lawyer said the Secunderabad Army Hospital was at a distance and the Navy Hospital at Visakhapatnam was 300 km away.

Lawyer Dave explained that there were cyclone conditions in Visakhapatnam. Mangalagiri AIIMS, which is under the control of the Center, was the closest of all.

The lawyer said he had no objection to Raghuram Krishnaraja’s medical examination at AIIMS. After hearing the arguments, the court adjourned the hearing to one o’clock in the afternoon.

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