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AP: Govt extends curfew till May 31

The CM directed the officials to extend the curfew in the state till the end of the month. A curfew of at least four weeks is required for results to come.

He said that about 10 days have passed since the imposition of curfew and the curfew time and regulations should be implemented till the end of this month. CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy  today reviewed the control, prevention and vaccination of Covid-19 in the state at the camp office.

Identification of 9 black fungus cases

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Officials at the meeting explained that there was a possibility of black fungus being caused by diabetic and excessive steroids and that 9 black fungus cases have been identified in the state so far, while CM Y.S Jagan directed to be vigilant on the disease. The CM directed to provide free treatment to black fungus patients under Arogyasree.

It is recommended that a protocol be established to detect black fungus in advance.

In the same way, an appropriate protocol should be established to give immediate permission to provide treatment to black fungus patients under Arogyasree. Recognize notified hospitals for the treatment of black fungus and provide treatment to patients.

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