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NTPC- Simhadri organizes awareness campaign on Covid-19 with its CSR initiative

A coordinated approach is needed to fight an  pandemic Covid-19 situation. NTPC Simhadri with its CSR initiative is conducting information and education campaigns (IEC) to disseminate knowledge with the aim of raising awareness about Covid-19 in NTPC Simhadri’s PAVs.

NTPC Simhadri through its 29 mobile medical unit. Awareness campaigns from the month of February 2021. IEC campaigns were conducted with different sections of the population, students, to the elderly, women, and so on.

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These campaigns have successfully raised awareness about the dangers of contracting the virus and the protection that the vaccine provides.

In addition, COVID has placed enormous emphasis on the importance of appropriate behaviour and the three important rules of maintaining social distance, wearing masks and washing hands.

COVID-19 created an atmosphere of fear in society. Hence the need to address the gaps in awareness among the people by providing health education to intervene among others to fight COVID-19 in NTPC Simhadri

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