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Hyderabad: Rs 100 Century Hitting Liter Premium Petro Prices under Covid concerns

Ordinary petrol and diesel prices go up: Petrol price hiked by Rs 1.64 per liter in 10 days, diesel by Rs 1.93 per liter.

Rs 25 crore burden on consumers in ten days

Petrol prices are rising day by day and suffocating the common man. Petrol and diesel prices are on the rise as companies in the country are raising oil prices in line with international market prices. This is the first time in the state that the price of premium petrol has crossed the 100 mark.

Normal petrol price is also running to reach one hundred.

Oil companies have raised prices six times in the last ten days. On Tuesday, petrol prices were hiked by 28 paise again. Ten days ago, it was Rs 94.86 per liter and now it is Rs 96.50 in Hyderabad. That is an increase of Rs 1.64 paise.

The extra premium petrol offered by Indian Oil Corporation is priced at Rs 100.63, HPCL at Rs 100.13 and BPCL Speed ​​Petrol at Rs 99.09. Along with petrol, diesel prices are also on the rise.

Ten days ago, the price of diesel was Rs 90.73, up by Rs 1.93 paise to Rs 91.04. Representatives of oil companies say Suma has put a burden of Rs 25 crore on consumers in the state due to rising prices in the last ten days.

Consumption increased over the past year

Consumption of petrol and diesel has increased significantly compared to May, when there was a lockdown last year. From May 1 to May 15 last year, petrol consumption was 72,000 kiloliters, which crossed one lakh kiloliters in May this year. When it comes to diesel sale.

It was 1.70 lakh kiloliters in May last year and 2.05 lakh kiloliters this year. With the complete lockdown last year, no other vehicles came onto the roads, except for emergency vehicles. But this year there seems to be a lockdown all the time except from 6am to 10am and consumption seems to be high as there are no barriers for vehicles on national highways.

However, in towns far from National Highways, petrol banks are kept open till 10 am in other areas. Closing at all other times.  However, the government did not respond to requests from petrol bank owners to keep the banks open till at least 3 pm. They are demanding an increase in the running time of banks in view of the ongoing grain purchases in the villages and other agricultural work.

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