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Telangana: Govt will support the families of Covid affected forest Employees:  I.K.Reddy

Financial assistance of forest employees to the affected families

Nirmal: Minister of State for Forests, Environment, Justice and Revenue Allola Indrakaran Reddy has assured that the families of forest Employees who died due to Covid will be taken care of by all means during the corona.

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Minister Indra Karan Reddy paid tributes to the forest employees who lost their lives due to Covid at the Forest Department office in Nirmal town today. In Nirmal district, five forest Employees died due to corona infection, while forest department employees paid Rs. 2.50 lakh funds were raised.

Minister Indra Karan Reddy handed over Rs. 50 thousand financial suport was handed over. The Minister lauded the forest Employees and staff for standing by the families of their fellow employees and helping them financially. He said that he would look after the forest employees without any difficulty and ensure timely assistance from the government.

The event was attended by Municipal Chairman Gandrat  Ishwar, Kavval Field Director Vinod Kumar, Forest Department officials Vikas, Lavanya and other officials.

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