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Singareni: It is everyone’s responsibility to eradicate terrorism: Director N. Balaram

Singareni Director N. Balaram said that many countries, including ours, have been severely affected by terrorism and therefore it is the responsibility of every Indian citizen to prevent the existence of terrorism.

He was addressing a function at the Singareni Bhavan in Hyderabad on Friday with Corona Precautions organized Anti-Terrorism Day.

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Director N. Balaram said that even if terrorism erupts in its original form, it needs to be eradicated in the early stages. Today, the people of the world want peace.

G.M. K. Suryanarayana said terrorism worse by the loss of many countries in the world, suffered poverty, recognizing that the people live in peace and harmony, he said.

The event was hosted by Administrative Manager N. Bhaskar. General Secretary of the Labor Union (TBJKS) Miryala Raji Reddi involved.

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