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Bangalore: Phalada Agro Organic Jackfruit Exports to Germany with the Support of APEDA

Bangalore-based Phalada Agro has started exporting organic jackfruit. As part of this, Apeda Chairman Mr. M. Angamuthu flagged off Germany exports today. Mr. CMN Shastry, Chairman, Phalada Agro, expressed his happiness over the online event and thanked Apeda for its cooperation.

The company, which flourished twenty years ago,has gradually progressed and gained international reputation today through exports of quality agro products. The efforts of the chairman of the company CMN Shastri are commendable.

Phalada Chairman CMN Shastry spoke on the occasion and described all the progress and exports being made.

Phalada is a 21 year old and Phalada Pure & sure domestic brand is 10 year old. We started our company manufacturing organic inputs and any organic farming to be successful, the farmers have to get good yield and also a good market for what they produce.  Hence Phalada started encouraging farmers to grow inter cropping and finding suitable international market for the organic produce what they grow.

Phalada introduced Jackfruit as a “meat alternative “ in the international market when we found a great momentum for Vegan product line aboard. We represent small and medium holding organic farmers and they are present mostly in Karnataka.  Jackfruit trees are available in almost all our farmers land. Each farm will have 4-5 trees as it is.  80 % of the jackfruit in India goes as waste only 20 % is being utilized for consumption as Fruit or vegetable. The balance is eaten away by Monkeys / wild animals or gets rotten.

Phalada found the right opportunity and created a demand for this Jackfruit which was hitherto going as a waste and started a jackfruit line, we have a sophisticated production line in Bangalore where the jackfruit is received, retorted and exported.  We have various products like Jackfruit in brine, Jackfruit with BBQ Sauce, Thai sauce etc., all these value added food products are being exported in retail packs.

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Normally 20 % of the jackfruit what we receive from farmers was going as waste as they are not young enough to process and they are mature. Hence we came up with an idea that today there is huge demand in Foreign countries for Gluten-free flour, we decided to make flour out of mature jackfruit and offer it as a gluten free flour this can be used in baking, cookies, pancake mixture etc.,  thus ensuring that the farmer gets some extra income for his supplies.

Phalada works with 2000 – 3000 farmers who are genuinely following the organic practice of cultivation and pride ourselves that we have a happy farmer base.  From one jackfruit tree the yield is 100-150 fruits it is about 500 kgs and a farmer gets about Rs.2000 per tree.

Jackfruit is a natural tree and farmer need not spend much towards its cultivation or maintenance of the tree no need of any sprays or manuring hence it is a win-win situation for all. Farmer is happy and the environment is also maintained. Once famer starts seeing income from jackfruit then he will not chop the trees off – helps in maintaining the bio diversity.

Right now Phalada is exporting to Germany, UK, USA, Spain and many more countries.

He also lauded the Apeda HO and RO in coming up with the scheme and suggesting us in the right way, the fast-track approval and sanction of subsidy helped Phalada in setting up the unit and saving production cost.

Chairman also thanked the officials for their co-operation and support for many years now, infact Phalada has participated in various exhibitions under Apeda Pavilion and looking forward for continued support from the APEDA organization.



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