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Collective responsibility for the protection of Singareni assets: Director N. Balaram

SINGARENI Company lands must be protected from encroachment: Strict legal action against those who commit illegal constructions: Director N. Balaram clarified

Director (PA), Finance Mr.N. Balaram said in a press release that all Singarenis have a responsibility to protect the lands allotted by the government for the expansion of Singareni Calories Company, a state-owned company that extracts coal for electricity in South India.

He said the government had built quarters for the welfare of employees on the land allotted to Singareni. The rest of the land will be used for the needs of the company. He suggested that the protection of such valuable lands and lands should be the collective responsibility of the officers, employees and union leaders.

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The company made it clear that it would take strict action against those who occupied the premises as per law. Singareni said the company has a special unit to protect assets and lands and they have clear instructions to operate in accordance with the rules and regulations of the company.

It was revealed that if any persons in any area across the company occupied Singareni lands or carried out illegal constructions in Singareni places, the responsibility would be on the concerned authorities to remove them.

He explained that the authorities would act as per the rules laid down by the company and remove the illegal structures. In this regard, the concerned authorities and the security department observed that they were performing their duty with the main objective of safeguarding the company assets and not for personal gain and appealed to the Singareni’s and others to co-operate and protect the Singareni assets and lands.

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