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Hyderabad: ‘Singareni Siren’ creating buzz on YouTube

YoutTube channel acting as mining information and knowledge centre: Information about development and welfare activities: Video’s attracting Netizens: Up to date activities of coal Company brought forward to the viewers on regular basis.

How does Singareni produce coal?  How is sand production being done at Singareni?  What is Singareni doing for environment protection? What is the employment process at Singareni? One can find answers to many such questions, on the official You Tube channel of SCCL.

Singareni Siren gives information about Singareni news, developments, songs and a new segment called Boggubayi talks is about to be started.  As the pride of Telangana Singareni Siren youtube channel is acting as a bridge to all the Netizens by providing latest information and news.  It is standing as an information centre for Singarenians, students and netizens.

Started three years ago

On the approval of CMD Sri. N. Sridhar, You Tube channel was started three years ago named Singareni Siren with an aim to provide information on the Company development to Singarenians, people and netizens. 11 documentaries relating to Singareni have been specially produced and uploaded.

Measures taken for environment protection, Coal production at the country’s biggest and most prestigious mechanized underground mine the Adriyala Long wall project, Procedure for coal production at Singareni, use of latest technology, employment procedure, Development Activities taken up under the Corporate social responsibility (CSR), Measures taken for safety and security are all uploaded in the channel. These videos give full knowledge of the activities of Singareni to the netizens, increase knowledge and clear doubts.

Useful for Mining graduates

Singareni You tube channel is very much useful for the students of mining, may they be studying a diploma or a graduate course in engineering. With videos regarding mining the students can practically watch the process, along with the knowledge gained by reading books. In depth knowledge, can be gained on how mine survey is done by watching these most informative videos.

For example, the video https://youtu.be/FDIR9CPjHZc gives information about the use of latest technology and other information. The videos are available not just in Telugu but English as well, thus being useful not just to Telugu students but also to national level students undergoing mining education.

Information about welfare activities, information about Corona

Midle of the post

The videos on Singareni You tube channel give information on the Company’s growth, the prestigious undertaking of solar power plant at STPP, progress in the solar power sector are catching everyone’s eye. Not just this, the channel contains videos of the international yoga day organized by Singareni, Worker’s day programs, the mega Haritha Haram program taken up by Singareni as per the instructions of the State Chief Minister, Development activities taken up by the Company under corporate social responsibility (CSR), Army free recruitment training camp taken up for the coal belt area unemployed youth https://youtu.be/_ZNQLCkjW5I, compensatory employment details and much other information.

The channel also has videos on the training programs for self-employment being held for unemployed women under the auspices of Singareni Seva Samithi.

Information and precautions to stop of the Corona pandemic which is shaking the world is also available on the youtube channel. A special video has been produced regarding this. Videos are available which give information about the environment protection measures taken at the opencast and underground mines. The use of plastic and the harm it causes to the society are also explained in detail to bring about social awareness.

Singareni songs

Many songs sung by Singarenians and other prominent singers have been uploaded in the Singareni You tube channel ‘Singareni Siren’. The cultural activities organized at Singareni are also there.  The songs of Singareni not just entertain the Singarenians but also encourage them to work with much more vigor.  Media workshops and speeches by prominent people organized jointly by Singareni collieries and central information and broadcasting ministry (PIB) are also uploaded.

More than one lakh views “Bhoomi porallo Magani”

‘Singareni Siren’ is being loved by the Netizens. Presently there are about 8 thousand subscribers for Singareni You tube channel.  The song “Bhoomi Porallo Magani” written by famous writer Doctor Kandikonda and music composed and sung by Bholeshavali specially for Singareni is creating waves and has reached another milestone. This video was uploaded 2 years ago and it has to be noted that there are more than one lakh views for this video. https://youtu.be/2qyWzO6viYM.

Not only this, 41 thousand views are garnered for the process of employment in Singareni, 40 thousand view for the process of coal production. About 4 lakh people have watched this channel till now. About 20% out of the 4 lakh viewers are from foreign countries.

GM(CDN)Sri. K. Suryanarayana requested Singarenians, mining students and people in Singareni areas to subscribe to this You tube channel.

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