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Kerala: The first policy address of 2nd term of LDF govt was presented by Governor in Assembly

Kerala Governor Arif Muhammad Khan presented the first policy address of the second term of LDF Government in the Assembly today.

The Governor said that the Government will give emphasis on the welfare of people and the development of the downtrodden and is committed to both strengthening the COVID resistance activities and improving the economic condition of the state.

In his address, the Governor has made it clear that the welfare and developmental projects which were started by the previous government will be continued in this term as well.

The address promises that in five years 20 lakh jobs will be given to people with an increase in job opportunities.

The address also states that, COVID management activities in the state has become a model for the country.

Its a great achievement for the state to curb the death rate, despite an increase in infections.

Free vaccines and free COVID treatment will be ensured to each and everyone in the State.

Special packages and projects that were declared during the pandemic has become helpful to people.

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K-Fon project will be implemented within the time limit and more emphasis will be given to IT and Start-up sectors.

The Government also aims to raise the farmers’ income by 50 per cent over the next five years.

It is also aimed at achieving self-sufficiency in vegetable production and increasing the minimum retail price of agricultural products every year.

The Governor said that,execution of various projects like this will which change the course of development in the state.

Second wave of COVID has limited the economic recovery process of the state.

The address also point out that the Centre’s decision to restrict the credit limit of states is an act against the Federal Principles of the country.

Meanwhile, opposition has criticized the address against its lack of details regarding the government’s strategy to contain the third wave of the pandemic.

Leader of Opposition V. D. Satheesan has said that its unfortunate that the government has not mentioned about a new health policy in the address.

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