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Frontline Journalist Memorial Fund created to help family of frontline journalists who succumbed to COVID

A group of people associated with the media, have come together to help the family of frontline journalists who were the sole bread earners of the family and succumbed to COVID-19.

They have created Frontline Journalist Memorial Fund. The frontline journalist should not be accredited with any government body. Anil Kumar, founder of a news media startup and one of the key contributors in the initiative said, initially it was small initiative of a few friends but now many other non media people have also contributed.

The frontline journalist memorial Fund will provide assistance towards the school fees of children. Any family who needs assistance can send an email at frontlinejournalistsfund@gmail.com  Speaking to media Mr Kumar said, education is a necessity for a better life.

Mr.Kumar informed that they have received several requests and are trying to help as many people as possible.

Mr Kumar said these are the testing times for the society and everyone should come forward to help people in whatever way they can.

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