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Hyderabad: Corona Break for the second year in a row for distribution of Battini’s fish medicine

Harinath Gowda Battini told on Saturday that fish offerings would not be distributed to asthma patients this year due to the corona epidemic.

The fish offering, which their family has been offering for 175 years, was also not distributed last year due to corona.

On the 7th of June, as on the day of the entry of the beast, special poojas will be performed at their residence in Doodbowli along with the Satyanarayana vrata.

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According to Harinath Gowda, Minister Talsani Srinivasyadav has suggested that the distribution of fish offerings should be stopped due to the corona epidemic and lockdown.

He said that millions of asthma sufferers from all over the country and abroad come here every year to consume fishmeal.

He said the government had said that there would be many difficulties for patients to come for fish offerings as there were lockdowns in Telangana and several other states at present and the offerings would not be given to that extent.

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