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AP: Anandaiah medicine can be distributed as a traditional medicine

Don’t recognized as Ayurveda … Corona patients do not stand in queue during drug distribution

Mr. Anil Kumar Singhal, chief secretary, state medical health department, Mr. Ramulu Commissioner of Ayush said the state government had sanctioned three types of antidepressant drugs, which were not recognized as Ayurvedic and could be distributed as traditional medicine.

Covid patients do not stand in queue during drug distribution …

He clarified that the state government has approved P, L, F types of antidepressant drugs, which are not recognized as Ayurvedic and can be distributed as traditional medicine. Experts say there is no harm with Anandaiah medicine.

He said there was no evidence to suggest that the drug was effective in treating Covid. Anandaiah medicine can be used as a supplement while getting regular treatment for corona prevention Covid said positive patients should not stand in queues during the distribution of the drug, as they could put others in the same queue at risk of corona infection. Those at Covid Care Centers and Home Isolations want to get used to being with their relatives. Anandaiah will not manufacture the drug on behalf of AYUSH.

It was clarified that clinical trials on the use of this drug have not taken place and hence it is not known how much benefit there is with Anandaiah drug.

We will discuss the date of distribution of the drug and announce the decision: AYUSH Commissioner Ramulu

Krishnapatnam drug The AYUSH team collected details and samples of Anandaiah medicines in Krishnapatnam, Nellore district on the 21st and 22nd of this month, AYUSH Commissioner Ramulu said. The collected samples were sent to labs and various tests were performed.

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We have also taken the help of the central agency for this. Anandaiah said that the central agency had taken help to collect the details and opinions of the drug users. CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy had a comprehensive discussion on lab reports and central agency reports.

Anandaiah medicine along with P, NF, K and eye drops. There are five types. Anandaiah said that Kay did not give samples and only a few people were given eye drops.

He said he could not see the preparation process due to lack of drug material. He said the P, L and F drugs were satisfactory and there was no evidence that they were against the rules.

Experts say that these three types are useful for consumption. Covid said there was no evidence that he could be cured with these drugs.

At the same time, there is no evidence that there are any side effects. Taking all these into consideration, the state government has approved the use of PLF drugs.

Reports of eye drops are expected in three weeks. Anandaiah said the medicine was not Ayurveda. Those receiving corona treatment are advised to take Anandaiah medicine while using regular medicine.

The state government has told the high court the same thing. The High Court has given the green signal for the use of P, L and F drugs. Details on the ophthalmic drug, Kay, will be submitted to the court soon. We will abide by the court orders.

He said the government was positive about taking Anandaiah medicine to the people. The decision was announced in ten days as mentioned earlier. District officials said they would announce the distribution date of the drug after a cordial discussion.

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