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Hyderabad: Vaccine registration at post office

Those who want to get the Covid vaccine can now register their name at the post office as well. The Post Office has recently launched these services.

Officials say the service was launched in view of the difficulties faced by some in registering names online.

Those unfamiliar with smart phone usage, especially in rural areas, said the scheme was set up to enable illiterate people to register their names easily.

Midle of the post

If they take their Aadhaar card and phone and go to the post office and tell the details, the staff there will register their names in the Covin portal.

Since this process is done through a onetime password, they will definitely need to carry a mobile phone with them. The service has already been launched at 36 Head Post Offices, 643 Sub Post Offices and 10 Branch Post Offices.

Venkatarami Reddy, Assistant director, post office, said 800 other branch post offices would also be opened soon.

It was clarified that this is a service provided for free and there is no charge.



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