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Prof H Purushotham takes charge as Honorary Director of AERC at Andhra University

Ministry of Agriculture Govt of India has established 12 Agro-Economic Research Centres (AERC) across the country as its autonomous institutions to serve as the catalyst of the region’s specific agricultural transformation.

These Centres are totally funded by government of India through grant in aid. One such AERC was established in Andhra University in 1968 to carry out applied research in agricultural economics in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa and to provide technical advice and inputs in policy making to both State and Central Governments.

AERC operates under the administrative control of the Vice Chancellor of the University. The AERC at Andhra University has been contributing enormously through its applied research outcomes in this region.

The Registrar of Andhra University Prof V Krishna Mohan informed through this media release that Prof Hanumanthu  Purushotham DPIIT-IPR Chair Professor Andhra University has been appointed by the Vice Chancellor Prof PVGD Prasad Reddy as the Honorary Director of Agro-Economic Research Centre at Andhra University until further orders and he has joined in the duties today.

The Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and Registrar congratulated Prof H Purushotham and expressed their  confidence in him that under his leadership the Centre can significantly contribute in achieving its objectives and can bring a turnaround based on his diverse experience and networking abilities.

Prof H Purushotham before joining at Andhra University served as a Chairman& Managing Director of National Research Development Corporation, Ministry of Science& Technology Govt of India. As a CMD of NRDC he has developed strong partnerships for transfer of agriculture and food technologies developed by various public funded R&D Labs and universities to industry in the country.

He is  also recently invited by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to evaluate funding Proposals on testing and deployment of inclusive, innovative business models in agriculture  and food systems in South and South East Asia including India.




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