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Kashmir: Six-year-old girl’s complaint to the Prime Minister .. Childish frustration that shook the govt

A child has to let go of all of her frustration.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unanimously complained that online classes are under pressure. The state’s lieutenant governor responded.

Corona virus .. a situation where people do not move anywhere in the wake of a lockdown. Eventually the schools also closed and all the students were confined to their homes. With this, the syllabus that they want to complete is accumulating.

In this context many schools are trying to complete the syllabus through online classes. Kids don’t like it at all.

It is not at all swallowed up by children who want to spend time at home with the joy of not having school. However, children are getting tired of some schools continuing classes without a gap.

A six-year-old girl from Kashmir has lodged a complaint with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Midle of the post

This cute video posted by journalist Aurangzeb Nakshabandi has now gone viral on social media.

In this video, you can see the child complaining to the Prime Minister about the homework given by the teachers and the online classes conducted without a break. ‘‘ Classes start at 10am. Will continue until 2 p.m.

English, then Maths, then Urdu, then EVS, then computer, one after the other. So much work is left to older children. Why is Modi working so hard for children?

“Tell me what to do, Modi, good bye,” said the child.


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