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Jharkhand: An alien-like ghost video running in the middle of Hazaribagh road has gone viral

A video showing an alien-like ghostly figure walking in the middle of a road in Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh is going widely viral across social media platforms. The viral video was shared by a user on Twitter with the caption, “This Video is from #hazaribagh #Jharkhand claiming Creature shown in this Video is an #Alien & viral with speed, no one claiming it to be fake or false but much real. Have they really arrived or just Rumours?”

In the video, we can see several bikes passing by the alien-like creature that is walking down the street in the dark. Meanwhile, some other bikers saw the creature and came to a stop while another started recording the video.

In the video, the men can be heard saying “chudail lagrahi hai(looks like a witch)”. And when the bikers start their bikes to pass by the creature, the human-like bizarre creature stops walking and looks behind, and starts walking again. One of the bikers can again be heard saying,

Midle of the post

While many netizens are seeking authenticity of the video, many of them are calling it an alien, witch, or ghost. However, no authorities have ruled out anything yet.

This video is currently the talk of the town and even famous producer Ekta Kapoor too shared the video on her Instagram profile with the caption, “Dam scary for those who sleep alone.”

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