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Hyderabad: The High Court outraged at govt’s attitude in taking preventive measures against Covid-19

The Telangana High Court has expressed outrage over the state government’s report on Corona. The Telangana government questioned why some of their orders in the Covid case were not implemented.

The High Court made these remarks during the hearing on the corona conditions in Telangana. Questioned whether orders had been enforced that the prices of treatments in private hospitals should remain the same.

Whether the new GO has given a revision of the maximum prices for treatments in private hospitals remains to be seen when the 14 new RTPCR labs will become available. The High Court expressed dissatisfaction that the details on the second phase preparation were not comprehensive.

Questioned why an advisory committee on Corona had not been set up. Recalling that 8,000 children in the same district of Maharashtra were affected by corona, the high court asked how they were prepared for the third wave.

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Will everything be done in the future? Whether doing anything now. Is Nilofar Hospital alone enough? Infrastructure, what steps are being taken to increase staff, and whether the money paid by the victims to the hospitals whose licenses have been revoked have been refunded.

Victims of gold pledging are paying fees to hospitals, the affidavit said.

The High Court was incensed at the government’s attitude of not answering any of the questions asked by them. However, AG BS Prasad told the court that DH did not attend the hearing as he had gone to Khammam.

The High Court was asked to give time to enquire into the details of the questions. The Health Secretary, DH, directed the DGP to file a report in the High Court tomorrow. The trial on corona conditions was adjourned until tomorrow.

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