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Karnataka gains 4th position in Sustainable Development Goals index released by Niti Aayog

Karnataka State Planning, Programme Implementation and Statistics Minister Dr. Narayana Gowda has expressed happiness over Karnataka gaining fourth position in the Sustainable Development Goals index released by Niti Aayog today.

During 2019-20 the state was in the sixth position with 66 points and for the year 2020-21 it has jumped up to the fourth position with 72 points.

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He appreciated the efforts of officials for improving goals in poverty alleviation, removal of hunger, gender equality, industry, innovation and infrastructure. He noted that Karnataka will soon be free from HIV cases.

Today the state has 0.02 per cent of total HIV cases in the country. The state has also improved in institutionalised delivery of babies at 99.9 per cent. The Minister stressed that the state is taking giant strides towards achieving all the sustainable goals by 2030.

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