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MEAI-Hyderabad chapter celebrates World Environment Day: Ecological mining should be targeted

Director, Union Ministry of Environment, Shri Sharat Pallerla: Efforts for Industrial and Environmental Development: NMDC CMD Shri Sumit Deb: Singareni Redesigned for Environmental Protection: Director Operations Shri S. Chandrasekhar

Hyderabad: Directors of the Ministries of the Union Ministry of Environment have directed all to work towards eco-friendly mining with innovative technologies without compromising the environment in the process of extracting natural resources that are crucial for national development.

He expressed concern that the endangered species would pose a threat to humankind if not carried out. He was speaking as the chief guest at a webinar organized by the Mining Engineers Association of India (MEAI) Hyderabad Chapter on Saturday on the occasion of World Environment Day.

The World Environment Day has been celebrated annually since 1974. It is revealed that every year a theme day is celebrated with a theme.

He explained that the theme of the celebrations, which Pakistan is hosting this year, was aimed at reviving biodiversity. Corona explained that the lockdown imposed by the mammoth had done some good to the environment, reducing air pollution and noise pollution.

The webinar was chaired by MEAI Hyderabad Chairperson and NMDC Chairman Shri Sumit Deb who said that industrial development is essential for the progress of the country.

Mining engineers are working to give equal priority to industrial development and environmental development. Explain that eco-friendly mining is being carried out by adopting new technologies.

It was revealed that MEAI is conducting technical sessions required to educate mining engineers on the latest technology.

Singareni towards solar power ..: Director Operations Shri S. Chandra Shekhar

Singareni, Telangana State Public Sector Undertaking, which has earned a unique recognition in the country in the field of mining, is also playing a serious role in the conservation of the environment, said Singareni Director of Operations, MEI Singareni.

He said the government was investing heavily in eco-friendly mining, reducing the severity of the adverse effects of coal mining on the environment. Singareni said the Center was committed to reducing pollution and protecting the environment, respecting the laws of the states and adhering to international norms.

He explained that the efficient use of flyash and all other activities such as sand production from OB are contributing to the conservation of the environment. Singareni CMD Shri N. Sridhar said that under the guidance of Singareni, Singareni is making strides towards solar energy generation.

It was revealed that 5.9 crore saplings have been planted on 13,170 hectares across Singareni to turn the over burden dumps into green fields and enhance greenery in the coal belt area.

Vice President of MEAI Hyderabad Chapter Shri MS Venkataramaiah welcomed the audience and explained the purpose of the program.

Dr N.K.Nanda Former director of NMDC, Director Mr. B.R.V. Sushil Kumar, Director Telangana state. vice president of the MEAI  Sri K. Madhusudana, MEAI President Shri Sanjay Patnaik, a member of the Union Ministry of Environment Mr B. Rames Kumar addressed.

MEAI Hyderabad Chapter Secretary, Singareni Chief Liaison Officer, PRO Shri Budangam Mahesh acted as webinar supervisor. Mr. M. Narsaiah, General Secretary, MEAI, delivered the keynote address at the event.


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