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Solar Eclipse – 2021: After 148 years, a solar eclipse will have a wide impact on Saturn

Note: Learn the do’s and don’ts

This solar eclipse is unique because the total eclipse on Saturn Jayanti occurs 148 years later.

Solar Eclipse 2021: From an astrological point of view, the effect of a solar eclipse is all over the world. All 12 zodiac signs have to endure its good and bad effects. The first solar eclipse of this year is Thursday, June 10th. Shani Jayanti is the day of the senior new moon (Jyeshta Amavasya).

This solar eclipse is unique because the total eclipse on Saturn Jayanti occurs 148 years later. Earlier, a solar eclipse took place on May 26, 1873. However, this eclipse is only partially visible in India. But astrologers expect to follow the rules at this point.

Solar eclipse time: Solar eclipse – Thursday, June 10: Time- from 1:42 P.M. Ends at 06:41 P.M.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Solar Eclipse

1.Eating food is prohibited during this time, regardless of the eclipse, sun or moon. 2. Do not start new work. Mars should not work. 3. Nail biting, comb forbidden. 4. Do not sleep during the eclipse. 5. Do not use knives or sharp objects. 6. Put basil leaves in cooked food before eclipse. 7. Worship the god of choice during the eclipse. Chant his mantras. 8. During the eclipse, close the doors of the house of worship. 9. Donating at a solar eclipse is considered very auspicious. 10. Clean the house after the eclipse is over. Sprinkle Ganga water at home. 11. Take a bath after the eclipse is over.



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