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Singareni Mega Vaccination Drive Success: 7,500 workers were vaccinated in a single day

Unexpected response on the first day of the ten-day campaign: Total number of workers vaccinated in Singareni so far 23,500 (54 per cent): Huge arrangements for the convenience of the workers: Supervision by Directors and General Managers: This is the first mega vaccination camp among public sector coal companies: CMD N. Sridhar.

Recognizing the Singareni workers as frontline warriors, the state chief minister said the mega vaccination drive they had launched across Singareni on Sunday was a complete success as soon as the state chief ministers sanctioned the vaccination, adding that 7,500 workers had been vaccinated on the first day

Singareni Calories Company Limited CMD N Sridhar informed.

In a statement issued on Sunday (13th) evening, he said that workers were enthusiastically vaccinated at 40 centers set up by them in 12 areas across Singareni from Sunday morning till evening.

A total of 43,000 workers, of whom 16,000 had been vaccinated by Saturday, had appealed to the state chief minister to vaccinate the remaining 27,000 workers, who responded positively and thanked the workers on behalf of the company.

In just one day, company directors and area general managers have set up 40 camps for vaccination in 12 areas in 6 districts.

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A total of 56 doctors and more than 300 paramedics from the Singareni Medical Department were involved in the program.

As the workers were working in different shifts, it was decided to conduct vaccination centers in all areas from this Sunday to next Sunday and vaccinate all the remaining workers but on the first day 7500 i.e. almost 30 per cent of the workers were happy to come forward.

With this, the number of workers who have completed the first dose in Singareni has reached 23,500, which means that 54 per cent of them have been vaccinated. The remaining 19,500 workers will be vaccinated by next Sunday, he said.

Singareni Calories Company Ltd. is conducting the process of vaccinating all its workers through mega camps in a way that has not been undertaken in any public sector undertaking across the country.

He hopes that this will lead to a better outcome and that the chances of corona spreading will be reduced as everyone is vaccinated at once.

He thanked to the Chief Minister of the state K. Chandrasekhar Rao  who identified the Singareni workers as front line warriors and provided vaccination, He also thanked the trade union leaders for their cooperation in making the vaccination mega drive a success.

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