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CMD N Sridhar is the best Samaritan for Singareni workers: Launch of first oxygen production plant at Kottagudem Singareni Hospital

Launch of first oxygen production plant at Kottagudem Singareni Main Hospital: Plant set up in just 13 days

Oxygen production with a capacity of 200 liters per minute, 40 cylinders per day: Import of plant parts by air from Turkey: The other four plants will also start in ten days: Precautions to deal with the Covid situation: Singareni C.M.D. N. Sridhar

Singareni’s resolve to set up its own oxygen production plants without relying on others for oxygen in corona catastrophic situations came to fruition in just two weeks.

A plant with a capacity of 40 cylinders per day (12 cubic liters per minute) of oxygen was set up at the Singareni Main Hospital in Kottagudem and was inaugurated by Badradri Kottagudem District Collector Anudip Durishetti on Monday evening along with Singareni Director N. Balaram.

Somireddy Vice President recognized trade union in the event, power MRGK Murthy community leaders, the Chief Medical Officer Mantha Srinivas, GM Personnel A. Anandrao and others participated.

Speaking on the occasion, Director Balaram said that Singareni CMD N. Sridhar said that the main reason for his initiative to complete the oxygen plant so quickly was that he was constantly monitoring and allocating funds without hesitation. Collector Anudip Durishetti lauded the steps taken by the company to curb corona.

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Singareni CMD N. Sridhar wants to set up oxygen plants at four places on war footing and make them available immediately. Under CMD’s orders, Singareni’s top management took the initiative and set up the first plant in just 13 days.

The rest of the plants will also be commissioned in ten days. The construction agency took the initiative to bring the spare parts for these plants by air from Turkey and set up the plants ahead of schedule.

200 liters per minute, producing 40 cylinders of oxygen per day

The oxygen production plant set up at the Kottagudem main hospital is capable of producing 200 liters per minute (with a capacity of 12 cubic liters) i.e. 40 cylinders per day. Similar plants will be set up in Bhupalpally, Ramakrishnapur and Bellampalli area hospitals in another ten days.

At Kottagudem main hospital during corona, about 45 to 60 oxygen cylinders are required per day. Oxygen is being brought from Hyderabad at great expense so far. But now that the plant has been set up, there is no need to rely on others for oxygen.

Also in the rest of the area hospital there is no need to depend on others for oxygen after setting up the plants. Along with the construction of the plant and two years of maintenance, each plant was set up at a cost of Rs 35 lakh.

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