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Dr. Harsh Vardhan addresses inaugural ceremony of Global Yoga Conference 2021

Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has said that the countries around the globe have recognized the potential benefits that humankind can enjoy by embracing Yoga. He said, increasing acceptance of Yoga across the world is evidence of its wide popularity.

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Dr. Harsh Vardhan today addressed the inaugural ceremony of Global Yoga Conference 2021. He said, the government is committed to take Yoga to every citizen as this is beneficial for health and well being of the population.

Highlighting the benefits of Yoga during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Harsh Vardhan has said the benefits of Yoga in immunity building and management of stress are crucial. He said, Yoga offers a solution for maintaining physical fitness as well as contributing towards one’s mental peace. The 7th International Day of Yoga will be celebrated on 21st June of this month.

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