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Hyderabad: Missed plane crash to Former minister Etala Rajender

Etala Rajender’s team escaped the accident. The team was on a flight from Delhi when a technical problem occurred.

The pilot became alert and the accident was averted. The pilot noticed a technical problem during the plane’s takeoff. The team left on a special flight from Delhi.

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It is learned that he joined the BJP as a formality in Delhi on Monday. The team flew back to the state on a special flight today. This incident happened at this time.

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and party state affairs in-charge Tarun Chugh on Monday gave the BJP membership to Eetala, who recently said goodbye to the TRS.

Along with Etala, former MP Ramesh Rathore, former MLA Enugu  Ravinder Reddy, former JD (U) chairperson Tula Uma and Telangana RTC leader Ashwaddhama Reddy have joined the BJP.

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