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Govt not in favour of banning any platform, however, they have to follow law of land, says IT Minister

Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Thursday emphasised that government is not in favour of banning any platform. He said, however, they have to follow the law. He said, if half of the government is on Twitter, including Prime Minister and President, it shows how far the government is. He bemoaned that when Capitol Hill in Washington was raided, Twitter blocked accounts of all including then President.

The Minister said, during farmers strike and when Red Fort was raided by terrorist supporters showing swords, injuring policemen and pushing them in ditch, then it was freedom of expression. Mr Prasad said, if Capitol Hill is US’ pride, Red Fort is India’s where the Prime Minister hoists Tricolour.

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He also criticised Twitter for showing parts of Ladakh as China’s territory, which took a fortnight to pursue and to remove it. The Minister said, as a democracy, India is equally entitled to safeguard its digital sovereignty.

On Ghaziabad incident, he said, it is for Police to investigate. Mr Prasad, however, questioned that if Twitter has a norm of declaring particular tweet as manipulative, then why was it not applied in the Ghaziabad case.

The Minister further said, Media question Ministers and that is freedom of speech and democracy. But, under garb of these, if they won’t comply with rules, it is misplaced argument.

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