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Hyderabad: Last day of mega vaccination drive at Singareni tomorrow

Remaining vaccinations to the employees on 20th of this month
Arrangements in 12 areas and 40 centres complete
Directors and GMs to oversee arrangements as per C & MDs instructions
Singareni one step away from complete vaccination
CMD Sri. N. Sridhar calls for everybody to take vaccination

Hyderabad: As per the instructions of Company C & MD Sri. Sridhar to get all the employees of Singareni vaccinated for protection against Corona, last phase of Mega vaccination programme is being conducted this Sunday (20th).

It is well known that mega vaccination program started last Sunday successfully. Until now In Singareni 33,535 (78%) employees have been vaccinated which includes the first phase of mega vaccination program C & MD Sri. N. Sridhar passed instructions to the Directors and area GMs to make arrangements to give vaccination to the remaining employees on 20th of this month.

He suggested that precautions be taken so that the employees do not face any difficulties. He said that Singareni should stand out as a corona free company. Arrangements are being done in 12 areas and 40 centres to under the supervision of the Directors and area GMs. Singareni doctors and medical staff have been alerted.

Everybody should take advantage: C & MD Sri. N. Sridhar

C & MD Sri. N. Sridhar said that with full cooperation from the State Government all the employees of Singareni should take vaccination. It is a proven fact that vaccination will protect from Corona.

He thanked the Chief Minister Sri. K. Chandrashekar Rao for having noted the services of the employees of Singareni who are working hard to meet the fuel needs of the country during these difficult times and sanctioning vaccine. Unlike any other government organization, Singareni Collieries company Limited the mega camp for vaccinating its employees and since all the employees have taken the vaccination the chances of the spread of corona has reduced considerably.

He requested that all the employees and union leaders will extend their full cooperation in the last phase of mega vaccination.

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Mega Vaccination drive successful

As per the instructions to the State machinery by the State Chief Minister Sri. K. Chandrashekar Rao to vaccinate all the employees of Singareni recognizing Singareni employees as front-line warriors mega vaccination began at Singareni on 13th June this month.

Singareni has a total of 43 thousand employees out of which 16 thousand employees above the age of 45 years had taken vaccination earlier, C & MD Sri. N. Sridhar passed instructions that the balance 27 thousand people must be vaccinated in 10 days. A full proof plan was formulated for the same.

As part of this mega vaccination was conducted last Sunday and in one day 7500 employees got vaccinated. In the last five days another 10000 employees took their vaccination. With this till now 33,535 people got vaccinated.

Special mega drive has been arranged for vaccination of the balance. With this Singareni will stand out as an organization which is completely vaccinated.


Vaccination later for people effected with corona: Director (PAW) Sri. N. Balaram

Director (PAW, Finance, P&P) Sri. N. Balaram informed that as per the guidelines of the Government, vaccination would be given to people effected with Corona only after 3 months.

These people should not be disappointed that they were unable to take vaccine at the mega vaccination. After 3 months once they recover from corona arrangements would be made to vaccinate them.

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