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AP: Forest officials rescue two Deers in Krishana dist

The stray Deer (reedbuck) left the forest and went into the wilderness. Lingered for a while. Eventually got into trouble. Forest department officials rescued them and took steps to leave them safely in the forest.

The incidents took place on Thursday at Bandaru mandal Kona, Nandigama mandal Pallagiri. According to the forest officials, the deer appeared to be in the village of Kona in the port zone. Jumped for a while and made a noise. The villagers chased it and grabbed it and tied it with ropes.

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Secretariat staff who came to know about the matter informed the Port Rural Police. SI Das, who examined the deer, told forest officials about the matter. The officer took the deer to Vijayawada.

They said he was a little sick and would be released in the Kondapalli forest area after his health plummeted. Also, another deer was spotted near Pallagiri in Nandigama mandal. Slightly injured in a street dog attack.

The villagers rescued the deer and informed the forest department officials. treated the deer. Later, it was left in the Kondapalli Reserve Forest, said Lenin Kumar, Deputy Range Officer, Forest Department.


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