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AP: 1637 Cr was paid to the farmers for the purchase of Paddy

Measures to pay Rs 200 crore per day to farmers: Rs 3,299 crore is due from the Center while Rs 1,200 crore is due on the 21st: Arrears due over 21 days are Rs. 45 lakh metric tonnes of Paddy purchase target already 28 lakh 36 thousand metric tonnes completed: Government ready to buy till last grain-not sell to brokers, millers at low prices; Kona Shashidhar, ex-officio secretary, Civil Supplies Department

Mr. Kona Shashidhar, ex-officio secretary and state commissioner of civil supplies, said Rs 1,637 crore had already been paid by the state civil supplies agency for the purchase of rabi grain from farmers through farmer assurance centers in the state. Purchases are explained.

He said funds would be released in advance from the central government before each grain purchase season but this time the release of funds was delayed. However, Rs 1,637 crore was taken from the state government by the Civil Supplies Corporation and paid to the farmers.

Shashidhar said he had received information from the Center that Rs 3,299 crore was to be released, of which Rs 1,200 crore would be released for the first quarter on the 21st of this month. “We are taking steps to pay Rs 300 crore per day to the farmers and Rs 200 crore per day from Saturday,” he said.

Kona Shashidhar said that after 21 days of sale of grain, the arrears were Rs 1,619 crore, which would be paid on receipt of funds from the Center on May 21. The government was also paying Rs 996 crore in arrears to the farmers and moving ahead with the procurement process.

Last year, Rabi bought 34 lakh 73 thousand metric tonnes of grain at a cost of Rs 6,331 crore, while it has set a target of buying 45 lakh metric tonnes at around Rs 8,000 crore this year and has already procured 28 lakh 35 thousand 447 metric tonnes. EO Secretary Shashidhar said the grain was being procured through farmer assurance centers.

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“We are also buying tainted grain from hilly areas and also from Rayalaseema districts like Anantapur and Kadapa. We have bought 16 thousand 247 metric tonnes from Anantapur district and 11 thousand metric tonnes from Kadapa district,” he said.

He appealed to the farmers not to sell the grain to the middlemen and millers at low prices as it was ready to buy up to the last grain of grain.

Payment to brokers through check-farmer accounts with e-crop booking, free audit system

Kona Shashidhar, EO, Civil Supplies Department, clarified that the money is being deposited directly into the bank accounts of the real farmers who have identified the crop through e-crop booking and pre-audit system.

He said that in the past the e-crop booking system was limited to web land but today with the introduction of free audit system the money is being credited to the accounts of the farmers who sell the grain only after verifying the complete details like their bank account, Aadhaar etc.

Shashidhar clarified that in the past, there was no attempt to withdraw money from the bank accounts of farmers and other states in the name of the farmer and with the free audit system, such incidents could be completely avoided.

The meeting was attended by MD Suryakumari, State Civil Supplies Corporation.


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