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Digital Yoga Josh in Singareni:  Celebrates International Day of Yoga

Distance to Corona-based mass yoga training: Ownership suggestion for Singareni’s to practice yoga at home: Wide publicity through digital media

The yoga frenzy has started in Telangana’s prestigious coal production company Singareni.

Nowadays online yoga josh has grown rather than mass yoga. How is World Yoga Day celebrated every year in Singareni this year? Everyone is eagerly awaiting how many people will practice yoga.

However, despite the lack of corona-based mass yoga camps over the past year, there is widespread awareness of yoga in Singareni through digital media. Singareni is currently preparing for the 7th International Yoga Day.

Unlike in the past, yoga is now becoming more and more popular among Singareni’s through social media and digital media.

Since seven years ago ..

Yoga has been a major player in yoga in Singareni since its inception. Company CMD Shri N. Sridhar under the direction of the program for your health for the health care of employees.Yoga is an integral part of this.

Yoga instructors have been appointed to start yoga centers in each area and enable mass yoga practice. Employees in the mines also carried out awareness programs to practice yoga. Yoga practice has had a positive impact on the performance of workers.

A place in the Limca Book …

Mr. N. Sridhar Chairman and Managing Director of the state to provide understanding of yoga everybody at the be hest of the International Yoga Day 2016, 60 thousand people in the mass production, of the yoga program, General Manager (Coordination) said that Sri K. Suryanarayana.

The event, which was held on such a large scale, also has a place in the Limca Book of Records. He explained that the message given to the employees was to make yoga a part of life to convey the need for yoga to everyone.

In 2017, with 34,267 people, in 2018 with 1,29,305 people and in 2019 with 1,27,437 people, a mass yoga program was organized. However, due to the corona, it has been suggested to limit yoga practice at home since last year.

Different trend with corona ..

Last year, the Singareni management advised employees to celebrate International Yoga Day at home under the guidance of the central and state governments due to the corona epidemic. However to recover from the corona, yoga has made employees aware of the fact that yoga is a panacea for peace of mind.

Encouraged to make yoga a part of daily routine for better health. This year too, the central government has taken up the issue of do yoga and stay at home as per the guidelines. Social media, which is available to everyone, suggests practicing yoga by staying at home and following the rules of the corona through digital media.

The Union Ministry of AYUSH has issued instructions to observe the 45-minute long Yoga Common Protocol on its website.

Yoga should be part of the daily routine: Director (PA, Finance, P&P) Shri N. Balaram

According to the guidelines of the Union Ministry of Coal, a pamphlet and video promo designed to educate the Singarenis on yoga has been prominently posted on the company’s website.  The company also has a YouTube channel on Singareni Siren.

However, Director (PA, Finance, P&P) Shri N. Balaram said that if everyone can make yoga a part of their daily routine, there will be good results. He said that yogi plays an important role in recovering from the corona and in attaining mental and perfect health.

On the occasion of World Yoga Day on Monday, everyone can practice yoga at home and share those photos and videos with everyone through social media.



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