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Singareni IDY-2021: Yoga should become a part of everybody’s life

Singareni Directors S. Chandrashekar, N. Balaram, D. Satyanarayana Rao

Yoga practice at home throughout Singareni following Corona precautions

Singareni Director (operations) Sri. S. Chandrashekar, Director (Personal,Finance) Sri. N. Balaram, Director (E&M) D. Satyanarayana Rao said that life would be happier with Yoga practice.

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They practiced yoga at home itself on the occasion of International Yoga Day.  They said that complete health is possible only with Yoga.  They said that Company C&MD Sri. N. Sridhar started special centres for yoga training at Singareni six years back itself understanding the importance of Yoga.

Singareni broke many records earlier when lakhs of people participated in Yoga.  They explained that due to corona restrictions, this year yoga was practiced at home only.  They suggested that everybody should make yoga a part of their life and yoga is the only way to achieve a happier life for everybody.

GM (Co-ordination, Marketing) Sri. K. Suryanarayana said that with yoga there will be mental peace along with a healthy body.  Yoga is the only way to know oneself and self-discipline.  All Area GMs, officials and workers practiced yoga along with their family members and posted photographs in the social media.

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