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Singareni: Accelerate work on new projects: Measures to start mines quickly: Prepare for Harithaharam: Directors

Directors S. Chandrasekhar and N. Balaram with Area GMs High Level Review

Director (Operations) S. Chandrasekhar and Director (PP, PA, Finance) N. Balaram directed the Area General Managers to take all necessary steps to expedite the work on the proposed 12 new mining projects in Singareni and to respond immediately to any obstacles encountered in the progress of the respective projects.

Under the direction of CMD N Sridhar, the directors held a high-level review meeting on Friday on video conferencing with GM (Coordination, Marketing), GM (CPP), GM (Environment), GM (Estates), General Managers of all areas and project officers on new projects.

On this occasion VK OC in Kottagudem area, Penagadapa OC, JK OC (romped) in Illandu area, KTK OCP-3 extension in Bhupalpally area, Venkatapur OC-2, Goleti OC in Bellampalli area, MVK OC in New Odisha Patrapada,  Naini project in Odisha, Realized the progress.

Speaking on the occasion, the directors said that all the issues related to land acquisition; environmental clearances, etc. should be resolved by the concerned GMs in coordination with the state government machinery. They said they would take steps to resolve the issue if critical issues were brought to their attention.

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Prepare for 7th phase of Harithaharam

Director (Operations) S. Chandrasekhar and Director (PP, PA, Finance) N. Balaram called on all areas to prepare for another installment of Harithaharam in Singareni. The review meeting wanted to successfully maintain the green necklace as previously undertaken. They recalled that in the past, nearly 6 crore plants were planted across Singareni as part of green demarcation and environmental protection measures.

Review of corona conditions …

The directors also conducted a review on the corona conditions in Singareni during the review meeting. Chief Medical Officer M.Srinivas said that more than 38,000 employees across Singareni have been vaccinated.

Speaking on the occasion, the directors said that arrangements have been made to give the second dose of Covaccin vaccine to 5,000 employees who have completed the first dose of Covaccin vaccine within a month. Employees should be made aware of the second dose of covaxin.

Video conference Advisor (mining) D.N. Prasad, Advisor (Forestry), Surendra Pandey, GM (CDN, Marketing) K. Suryanarayana, GM (CPP) Nagabhushan Reddy, GM (PP) K. Kondaiah, GM (Estates) subhani, GM (Environment) Ravi Prasad, Adviser ( Naini) Vijayarao attended.

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