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Chennai boat on fire at sea: ICG rescues fishermen and controls fires

A mechanized fishing boat carrying 10 fishermen from Chennai Harbor caught fire in the Bay of Bengal on Thursday. Nellore District Krishnapatnam Indian Coast Guard immediately went to sea and extinguished the blaze.

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According to ICGS officials, 10 fishermen from Kasimeddu, Chennai, went fishing in Marapadava. The gas cylinder in the tank exploded suddenly on Friday afternoon, about 12.5 nautical miles from the Krishnapatnam port. Fires engulfed the boat.

All the fishermen in it jumped into the water and climbed into another boat to save their lives. The accident was reported to the Krishnapatnam Indian Coast Guard through the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Center in Chennai. The Coast Guard went into the sea aboard the ICGS C-449 and extinguished the fire from the boat. The ICGS C-436 reached the accident site from Chennai to assist them. The fires were brought under control with great difficulty.

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