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Singareni : There is no limit to the cost of safety and medical services: C MD N. Sridhar

Singareni CM MD Shri N Sridhar said that Singareni was giving high priority to safety and medical services and was taking steps without hesitation to implement the suggestions made by the unions and DGMS officials on security enhancement.

He was presiding over the 47th Conference held at Singareni Bhavan, Hyderabad today. Deputy Director General of Mine Safety (South Central Zone) Shri Malay Tikedar, Recognized Labor Union President Shri B. Venkatrao, General Secretary Shri Miryala Rajireddy, Representative Union General Secretary Shri Vasireddy Sitaramaiah along with Singareni Directors, DGMS Directors, Area GMs, Participated.

Singareni CMD Shri N. Sridhar In his inaugural address, described the steps taken by the Singareni company for the health and safety of its workers. Explained the steps taken for corona prevention with Rs.72 crore. It was also revealed that almost all the workers have been vaccinated. He explained that 56 man-rides have been set up in each mine for the convenience of the workers, operators are being trained with state-of-the-art simulators and strict measures are being taken to prevent accidents.

Deputy Director General of Mine Safety, Shri Malay Tikedar, said that Singareni was giving due priority to protection and was following the instructions given by them, but more robust measures and reviews were needed to bring the risks to nil.

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Recognition Union leaders Shri B. Venkatrao, Shri Miryala Rajireddy and Representative Union leaders Shri Vasireddy Sitaramaiah in their speeches exemplified issues such as increasing safety in mines, recruitment of adequate number of workers, technicians, specialist doctors, training of private workers and provision of medical services.

CMD Shri N. Sridhar welcomed the suggestions made by the union leaders and DGMS officials at the meeting. “All of you have made good suggestions for the protection of workers. I will meet with directors and GMs within another week to discuss all of your suggestions. All issues will be resolved within another two months. ” Made it clear that.

Praise to the Chairman on Corona Prevention Measures

Singareni C & MD Shri N. Sridhar Corona for protecting their workers in the early and early stages. At the meeting, everyone lauded the initiative taken for the prevention, medical services and at a cost of Rs 73 crore. Deputy Director General of Mine Safety Shri Malay Tikedar said .. Chairman Shri N. Sridhar especially appreciated the steps taken to prevent corona. He also lauded the steps taken by Singareni on safety.

As well as leaders of recognized, representative trade unions, Officers Association General Secretary Shri N.V. Rajasekhar’s In their speeches .. Singareni CMD Shri N. Sridhar lauded the special initiative taken during the corona situation, talking to the government and conducting corona tests for all and doing large scale vaccination as a great thing and taking care of the employees like his children. Expressed their congratulations through applause.

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