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Hyderabad: SC public representatives thank CM KCR for launching Dalit empowerment scheme

SC public representatives expressed happiness over the launch of the Dalit empowerment scheme by the Telangana government under the leadership of Chief Minister KCR. To this end the CM met KCR in pragati bhavan and thanked him.

Respecting the self-determination of Dalits for self-financing, the All-Party Conference collectively decided to provide financial assistance of Rs. 10 lakhs per unit to each eligible, selected beneficiary through the CM Dalit Empowerment Scheme, directly to their bank accounts.

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In the first phase, the financial assistance will reach 11,900 eligible Dalit families across the state at the rate of 100 families per constituency from 119 assembly constituencies. To this end, the All Party meeting, chaired by CM Shri KCR, has decided to launch a “CM Dalit Empowerment Scheme” with Rs 1,200 crore and hand it over directly to the poorest Dalit families (like the farmer bond scheme) in the selected bottom line.

The All-Party Conference opined that the ambitious ‘CM Dalit Empowerment Scheme’ to be implemented by the Telangana Government would contribute to a qualitative change in the lives of Dalits, that the CM’s ideas for Dalit upliftment stand as an ideal for the country, and that the Dalit empowerment scheme would change the lives of Dalits even greater.

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