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IAS Association expressed gratitude to PM Modi for recognising contribution of Guru Prasad Mohapatra

The IAS Association has expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for recognizing the contribution of Guru Prasad Mohapatra, Secretary in his government who died due to Covid recently.

Mr Modi in his Mann Ki Baat on All India Radio yesterday had said that Guruprasad Ji was diagnosed with Corona, he was admitted in the hospital and yet at the same time was performing his official duty too.

He toiled day and night to increase the oxygen producing capacities of the country and to ensure the oxygen reached far flung areas.

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Mr Modi said, on the one hand the affairs of the court the pressure of the media, Guruprasad Ji kept fighting on many fronts simultaneously and did not stop working during his illness.

It is sad for all of us that the country has lost its KarmaYogi. Even after being told not to, he used to insist on joining the video conferences on oxygen. Such was his concern for his countrymen.

He kept on making arrangements to deliver oxygen to the people of the country, regardless of himself being on the hospital bed.

The IAS Association in a statement said, the tribute by the Prime Minister to Guruprasad Mohapatra has instilled a sense of motivation and reinforced commitment amongst all public servants dedicated to the cause of public service and nation building across the country.

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