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Indian Railways delivers nearly 34,760 MTs of LMO to various states

Indian Railways is continuing its journey of bringing relief by delivering Liquid Medical Oxygen(LMO) to various states across the country.

So far, Oxygen Expresses have delivered nearly 34,760 Metric Tonnes of LMO in more than 1,976 tankers to various states.

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They have crossed the mark of 20 thousand Metric Tonne LMO delivery in southern states of the country.

Tamil Nadu has received highest 6,476 Metric Tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen delivery while Andhra Pradesh got 4,800 and Karnataka 4,700 Metric Tonnes.

Till the time, 614 Metric Tonnes of Oxygen has been offloaded in Maharashtra, nearly 3,797 Metric Tonnes in Uttar Pradesh, 656 Metric Tonnes in Madhya Pradesh, 5,791 Metric Tonnes in Delhi and 560 Metric Tonnes in Assam.

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