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MH: Caretaker-cum-Counselor helps many corona patients fully recover

The exemplary service by Corona Warriors has worked like a healing miracle for the number of patients in Maharashtra.

One such Corona Yodha, a dedicated caretaker-cum-counsellor Arvind Deshmukh is giving his dedicated service to many Corona patients.

For his selfless work, Mr. Deshumukh has sacrificed visiting his 75-year-old mother, wife and two children at home for four months.

Coordinator of GM foundation Mr. Deshmukh has started working round the clock during the high phase of the pandemic.

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In the COVID Care Centre where Mr. Deshmukh has been rendering his service, patients were cured and went home with complete physical and mental recovery.

The highlighting fact of this centre is that no COVID deaths were reported here till date.

He has been visiting the Government Hospital and tried to heal the patients and doctors by raising their morale and establishing proper coordination between them.

At the same time, his organization has initiated scientific cremation technique for COVID deceased.

Till date, 61 people from Jalgaon were cremated in a scientific manner.



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