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CM Jagan’s letters to PM Modi and Water Energy Minister on the water dispute

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has written separate letters to Prime Minister Modi and Water Energy Minister Shekhawat on the water dispute. CM Jagan asked the Center to intervene immediately on the water dispute. In the letter, the CM said that the water used by Telangana illegally for power generation should be stopped. He demanded that all projects between the two states on the Krishna River be protected by the central forces.

“There are orders to release water for power generation. Telangana is releasing water against the rules. These measures are likely to have a serious impact on interstate relations. There are Telangana measures to call for the rights of the following areas. Due to the actions of Telangana, along with Rayalaseema, Nellore and Prakasam districts will also face drinking water problems. “Telangana water is being used against the rules without any agricultural requirements,” Jagan said in the letter.

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The Telangana government is disobeying the orders of the Krishna River Board on power generation. A complaint was lodged on June 10 against the illegal use of Telangana. The Krishna River Board wrote a letter to Telangana on this. The board directed Telangana to suspend power generation immediately. Telangana has completely disobeyed the board’s orders. On June 23 and 29, the Krishna Board issued another order. Telangana has been advised to stop the illegal use of water. Telangana does not care if the Krishna River Board orders it, ”CM Jagan said in the letter.

“If the Srisailam project has water up to 834 feet, water should be used for power generation. Currently, Srisailam has only 808 feet of water. 33 TMCs are low .. Telangana is using water. They have a power house in their area so they use water at will in the name of generating electricity at will. Every day Telangana is releasing 2 TMCs of water. The scope of the KRMB should be clearly maintained. In the letter, CM Jagan asked that the scope of KRMB be notified.

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