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National Doctor’s day: PM Modi thanks Doctors for their services during pandemic

Appreciating the Doctors and medical fraternity’s role in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister said, Doctors, healthcare and frontline workers have saved many lives during the pandemic.

He said, India’s position is better than several developed countries in terms of per million death and infection rate during the pandemic. He said, Doctors are dealing with the challenges posed by the mutant corona virus through their experiences and suggesting innovative measures.

He said, the government is committed to the safety and security of the Doctors. He paid tribute to the Doctors who lost their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. He thanked the Doctors on behalf of 130 crore Indians for their services during the pandemic.

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The Prime Minister called upon the Doctors to inspire the people to get vaccinated and adopt Covid appropriate behavior. He commended the medical fraternity for spreading awareness about Yoga.

He praised the Doctors for doing evidence-based studies on the benefits of yoga for dealing with post-Covid complications. He also suggested that studies on yoga could be published in international journals.

Stressing on the importance of documentation of experiences of Doctors, Mr. Modi has said, symptoms of the patients, treatment plan and responses must be documented.

He said, Covid pandemic can be a good starting point for this exercise. He stressed the study of vaccine efficacy and early diagnosis for the better understanding of the disease.

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