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Singareni coal production and transportation in June, significant progress

Transportation 90 per cent growth in traffic compared to last year

Coal production with a growth of 61%

Dismissal of OB with growth of 29.16%

CMD N. Sridhar Congratulations for all employees

The Singareni company made significant progress in June, even during the second phase of the Corona boom. Production, transport and overburden removal in June this year saw significant growth compared to June last year.

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During June, coal shipments stood at 54.59 lakh tonnes, up 90 per cent from 28.80 lakh tonnes last year. Coal production in April was 52.71 lakh tonnes, up 61 per cent from 32.73 lakh tonnes in the same month last year.

Overburden extraction was 303 lakh cubic meters last month, an increase of 29.6 per cent over the 234 lakh cubic meters extracted in the same month last year. Mr. N. Sridhar, Chairman & MD of the Company, expressed his delight that the growth in June was due to the concerted efforts of the workers and officers from the beginning of this financial year to meet the energy needs of the country during the Corona period.

In the same vein, it is suggested to redraw and work towards achieving the previously set goal. He said workers across the country were transporting 1.82 lakh tonnes of coal a day, taking precautionary measures, to ensure that there was no shortage of coal at power plants in the country and the state.

Coal was shipped through a total of 993 racks last month at an average rate of 33.1 racks per day. On the occasion, he congratulated the workers and asked them to achieve the target of 12.5 lakh cubic meters of overburden removal along with production and transportation of 1.85 lakh tonnes of coal per day in July to achieve the targets set this year.

He said that the complete vaccination undertaken to provide protection from Corona to all the eligible workers in Singareni has yielded results. He said growth in transportation and production was possible as all employees took the vaccine and performed their duties following Corona’s precautions.



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