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Enjoy playing Baby Elephant with broken water pipe: video viral

An elephant enjoyed playing with a broken water pipe in a video that has gone viral on social media.

Avideo of an elephant playing with water has surfaced on the internet and is swiftly going viral on social media. Elephant Nature Park posted the short clip featuring Wan Mai on Twitter and it is just so adorable.

It so happened that a water pipe broke at the nature park and Wan Mai spotted it soon after. What happened next was just so cute as Wan Mai spent most of her time playing with water emerging from the broken pipe.

Her parents were in the vicinity as well and kept a close watch on Wan Mai as she played with the broken water pipe.

Midle of the post

“Wan Mai has great fun with the broken water pipe. She is very happy and more playful with her privilege fountain,” the caption of the post reads.

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